A brief background

EB Consults Ltd is a business management firm located in London, United Kingdom. 

The company is incorporated under the laws of England and Wales in the UK and under the laws of Nigeria.

We offer marketing solutions, IT Networking solutions, data analytics and management, and general consultancy services to clients across the globe. We have over 20 years experience in marketing, B2B relationship management and consultancy, procurement services, commercial property transactions and introducers for investment and project finance activities.

We enable organisations – particularly non-profits and SMEs in Africa and other developing economies conceive and implement virtual presence which helps in scaling their business while projecting their core values, aims and objectives to visitors. We also help clients diffuse tensions within their businesses and/or organisations when unforeseen conflicts arise .

EB Consults Ltd relies on to top rated award-winning developers across Europe to provide bespoke highly interactive and modern websites and applications for clients. We use our top rated PR managers, social media influencers, digital marketing experts, big data analysts, and members of clients’ organisations to drive clients business. We also intervene when disputes arise with mediation and arbitration services.

EB Consults Ltd provides expert networking solutions and consultancy services to small, medium and large scale organisations across all industry sectors particularly in the UK and Nigeria. 

We have a diverse and sophisticated IT consultancy and management team positioned to offer exclusive website development and maintenance services, build relationships which foster loyalty at all levels of our clients organisations, set up companies and non-profits for our clients in the UK, Germany and Nigeria, strategise with clients to initiate and set up joint ventures or to outrightly acquire existing companies where needed, help clients build and maintain long-standing relationships within Africa and other developing economies.

EB Consults Ltd. is a client-focused firm providing broad-based and highly personalised services to clients. We offer a complete range of services to businesses and non-profits with particular affinity for developing countries.

For EB Consults Ltd, the client’s best interest comes first, therefore everything we do is guided by high levels of professional ethics. 

EB Consults has cultivated a working environment which takes a personal approach to clients’ problems.

We hold ourselves accountable therefore we deliver the highest standards.

Meeting client’s needs precisely and completely is your minimum expectation when you choose EB Consults Ltd. 

Our Products and Services

What we do for organisations

We work with small and medium sized companies and non profit organisations to conceptualise and develop bespoke websites to house their  innovations. 

We work with them to solve problems within their ranks and develop strategies to keep workforce loyal and committed to the aims and objectives of the organisations.

We help set up new ventures, and help expand existing ones where required.

We assist in procurement at all levels.

We provide support for commercial property sales and acquisition transactions. 

For individuals

We help individuals set up their businesses locally and internationally in accordance with their wishes. 

We help them present complex ideas using highly responsive websites accessible on all platforms.

We help individuals answer eveyday legal enquiries relating to company and non-profit registrations in Nigeria, UK and Germany.

For our HNI clients we also do packaged tours of large scale corporations and firms across the globe.

For all clients

We help individuals and organisations seeking to formulate and put down its ethos, rules, regulations, and guidelines to frame their thoughts appropriately. 

We put together a team to formulate and draft documents within the laws of the regions they are located in the UK and Nigeria.  We help with negotiating agreements and arbitrating disputes away from the courts.

We help with introductions to investors for clients who are involved with infrastructure projects in developing countries. We support clients in setting up and organising legal entities needed to accomplish such projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America and we help with processing tender documents and executing procurement contracts. 

We also connect clients with commercial real estate development projects in Europe and Africa.

For our expanding corporate clients

We evaluate and help foster relationships between company leadership and employees and staff, bridging any gaps and offering lasting solutions to ensure loyalty and commitment to the ethos, aims and objectives of the organisations.

We offer options to improve on existing website presence and representation and where necessary offer completely new website solutions to replace existing ones.

We offer networking solutions to connect client's workforce across all regions and localities depending on the size and spread of the organisation.

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At EB Consults Ltd, we give you real value for your money.

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